I am pleased to be teaching piano and organ lessons in the Cedar Bluffs and Omaha areas. I often have a few openings, so if you're interested in lessons for yourself or your child, either start the process by registering, or contact me with questions.

* If you have taken from me in the past and are ready to return to lessons, there is no need to register again; simply contact me and I'll take care of the details so you can choose a lesson day and time.

* A policy I've had for years is that the parents of any student (one or both parents) may take lessons from me for half price for three months. The only caveat is that the lesson must take place during the "holes" of my schedule, which generally, although not always, means during the school day, not after. Why do I offer this, and why would you take me up on it? Several reasons. First, you will be better able to help your student(s) as they practice if you have some familiarity with piano. Second, if your child assures you "Mrs. Weber said..." you'll have a better idea if I truly did say such a thing or if your child misunderstood me. (Parents have been known to think the child couldn't possible be right when they've faithfully reported an instruction I've given...use of a tea towel is one funny example!). Third, students sometimes get to the point where they resent lessons, thinking it's a "kid thing" and they want to quit. There are many reasons why continuing lessons is valuable even when a child begs to quit, and a parent taking lessons themselves, and practicing at home, can be a valuable tool to help motivate the child to continued interest. So, are you interested? Let's talk!